Under the Weather – A Few Years In

Studies indicate a steady decline in marital satisfaction over the years. A few years go by, we settle into a routine, we begin to feel less connected, less joy and and less meaning in our marriage. It happens, and it can be addressed.

This application of the The Divorce Vaccine™ approach has been tailored to meet the challenges of couples several years into their marriages. I’ll provide you with specific steps to take together and individually to reconnect, re-ignite the passion, and find your way back to each other.

Our six core sessions are outlined below. They are based on extensive academic research on successful marriage and professional experience coaching and counseling couples.


Session One – Taking the Relationship Pulse

A couple can be sharing a past and future, a home and a life together and sometimes feel more like room mates. It’s not what we expected, not what we want, and we can’t really figure a way out. We start out with some customized assessment tools to generate insight into where the relationship stands and what the major challenges appear to be.

Session Two – Relationship Style

Human beings are pattern seeking creatures. We see patterns in the world and live our own lives through patterns. Take a deep look at yourself as a partner, and your relationship as a whole to determine the relationship styles at play. With that understanding you will find greater ease and fulfillment in your interactions.

Session Three – Considered Conversation™

After some time together, couples can fall into communication ruts that are not effective or productive. We enhance your communication practices to reconnect in real, meaningful, authentic ways that help you feel connected and content.

Session Four – Expressions of Love and Admiration 

We take a good, hard look at how your are interacting with each other in the small ways and in the large ways. Research suggests that for a relationship to be “happy” positive interactions should outnumber negative interactions 5 to 1. We develop specific plans to increase your ratio with acts such as connecting rituals.

Session Five – Parenting and other Life Adventures

The honeymoon is over, the daily grind of life has set in. With it have come challenges like children, extended family responsibilities such as caring for a parent, boring sex, health challenges, financial stress, job loss, and work/life balance questions. We discuss these challenges and create a plan for managing them effectively as a couple.

Session Six – Visioning the Future

In our last session we create a vision statement for your marriage that expresses your desired marital future. We make sure that you have specific steps in place to stay on track with that vision and with a deeply connected, meaningful, joyous life together for the long haul.

Old Married Couple