The Divorce Vaccine™

We have all heard the warnings – about half of marriages end in divorce, and the rate is even higher for second marriages. These statistics don’t reflect all the couples who are too afraid to get commit to begin with and lose out on the potential greatness of a marriage.

Research has repeatedly shown that married couples are more physically and mentally healthy and more financially secure. They live longer, have a lower risk for heart disease, and their children are healthier than their single or divorced counterparts. (More details on the Benefits of a Health Marriage page of this site.) Here’s the kicker – the benefits only hold when the relationship is healthy. Low quality marriages are detrimental to physical, mental, and spiritual health of the couple and any children they have. The good news is that skills can be learned, insight can be gained, and healthy relationships can be nourished.

The Divorce Vaccine™ is a customized approach to relationship coaching. The program provides a solid foundation upon which you can build your married life together, avoid common mistakes and maintain a deeply connected, joyful relationship for the long haul. Couples who are just starting out can see content details on the Pre-Marital Preparation page of this site. Couples who are a few years along their marital journey, and facing some challenges, can see session details on the Under the Weather – A Few Years In page of this site.

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Program Level Options

Relationship Supplement: The core component of the Divorce Vaccine™ program is the research backed, tried and tested, six session course.  Provided via Skype or a similar platform, the sessions include discussions and exercises for greater self-understanding, enhanced communication tools, conflict management skills, and deep values and vision exploration. We also create space to explore important and sometimes challenging topics of money, intimacy, in-laws, politics and religion. (Details of the sessions are provided for engaged/newly wed couples on the Pre-Marital Preparation page, and for married couples who are facing challenges a few years in on the Under the Weather page.) Couples enrolling in this initial level of the program – the Relationship Supplement –  work with Laura for three months.

Relationship Superfood: Couples signing up for the Relationship Superfood level of the Divorce Vaccine™ receive the full complement of the six core couple sessions. In addition, they receive two bonus individual sessions. During these sessions we strengthen self-understanding in a manner that will inspire the couple’s connection. Laura works with these couples over the course of four months.

Holistic Relationships: Couples committing to this advanced program level receive the full complement of the six core sessions as well as two bonus individual sessions. In addition, two bonus couple sessions are specially designed to meet the unique needs of the couple. Also, each partner receives an analysis of his/her personal enneagram* or MBTI in additional individual sessions (for a grand total of four!). These couples also receive personalized e-mail support directly from Laura throughout the length of the program.

Healthy Marriage*The enneagram is a personality assessment tool that promotes self-understanding and self-development. The MBTI, a version of which is known as the 16 Personalities tool, is the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. Both tools provide the opportunity for tremendous insight for a couple.

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