Pre-Marital Preparation

You’re getting married, your heart is racing, you can’t stop smiling, you’re excited and let’s face it, a little nervous. Some of the nerves are about the wedding day – and more than you think might be about the marriage. We hope love conquers all, it’s a beautiful thought. But it’s not true; love needs a little help along the way. Be as prepared for your marriage as you can be. Invest in your future as much as you are investing in your wedding day.

Through a series of Skype coaching sessions and meaningful exercises you will be well prepared to begin this incredible adventure together. Put the time and energy in now, and the next 50 years might be even better than you dream!

Our six core sessions are outlined below. They are based on extensive academic research on successful marriage and professional experience coaching and counseling couples. Review the details of The Divorce Vaccine™ for more information and program options.

Healthy Marriage

Session One – Singly Understood

A marriage is a union of two individuals and it’s important to have and to share self-insight. We get started with some individual assessment. In the first session we talk about families of origin, friends and other important influences on the marital relationship. Understand yourself as a partner and what each of you brings to the union.

Session Two – Considered ConversationTM

We discuss and develop communication skills – an essential foundation for all human interaction. Don’t worry, we go beyond the “I Statements” and learn really useful material.

Session Three – Merging Values 

Some of the most difficult conflicts between couples come from differences in values. We discuss and prioritize values and how to bridge any differences.

Session Four Off Limits No MoreTM

In our fourth session we get into the nitty gritty of money, sex, politics and religion. Let’s talk about the fun stuff!

Session Five – Plan for Conflict and Challenge

Life is hard and there will always be challenges to face. We discuss tactics for staying connected during those trying times and for getting through conflict in a way that enhances the relationship.

Session Six – A Marriage Vision for the Future

In our last session we talk about kids, in-laws, meeting future challenges, and dreaming big. We end by creating a vision statement for your marriage.

Newlywed Bliss