Relate With Joy™

The relationship between parent and child is amazing, rewarding, fun, challenging, tiring, surprising, and sometimes turbulent.

Despite our best efforts, parents and children can bring out the worst in each other – particularly during the teen years.

I can help you find a more effective way to communicate with your teen, leading to more positive interactions and greater mutual appreciation.

Laura Kosak, MA, MFT, Relationship Coach



I hope that you easily find the support that you are looking for through your insurance, your employer’s EAP, or a school referral. It can be difficult to find the resources we need, especially in these times. I wish you well on your journey. 

Laura Kosak, MA, LMFT – Licensed Therapist and Parenting Coach

Our relationships are the source of our highest joy and also our deepest pain. This is true for all the relationships in our lives and even more so those with our families –   with our partners and with our children. My mission in life is to help bring more meaningful connection, greater kindness and abundant love into the world, one precious relationship at a time.

As a licensed mental health therapist and parenting coach I help people give their best selves to one another and make a connection that endures despite life’s challenges. Isn’t that what we all want most – to bring our best into the world and to connect with others’ best selves? The more we do this, the more joyful, meaningful and rewarding our lives are. And the more magical our relationships feel. I live in Portland, OR and work with people via Skype/Zoom, wherever they are.

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