Couples Coaching

And yet you are quite right when you say that the problem of love is the most important in human life. – C.G. Jung



One of the greatest pleasures in life is finding a partner with whom to share the journey. Life isn’t easy and your partnership will need to weather some storms. A foundation for a lasting relationship is being able to talk about the important stuff.couple sunset My speciality is helping couples start their marriages from a place of connection, strength and resiliency. Please check out the details of The Divorce Vaccine™ and how the approach is applied for new marriages in the Pre-Marital Preparation page. Get your marriage inoculated!

The Marriage Journey

Cultivating loving and supportive interactions is a life long process.  Sometimes marriages need a tune-up. We need help prioritizing our marriage and reconnecting at the heart level. I can help you refine your communication habits to enhance your connection. I can also help you address specific concerns within the relationships such as challenges with parenting, boredom in the bedroom, and work-life balance. Please check out the details of how The Divorce Vaccine™ is applied to couples facing challenges on the page Under the Weather – A Few Years In. Let’s get your marriage back on track to long term success.

A Booster Shot

Some couples may be facing a very specific concern that they want to address with a laser focus. It might be working through the decision to relocate, navigating addiction, or the immediate pain of an affair. I can help you navigate the crisis and get to a better place through coaching via Skype. (In some instances individual or couples therapy may be more appropriate. I can help you decide what seems like the best way to go and offer referrals.)

Separation and Divorce

Sometimes it just doesn’t work out and couples need to sail on separately.  Managing separation and divorce with careful consideration and kindness lays a foundation for a better future for all involved.  Through the insight of processes including Collaborative Divorce and Conscious Uncoupling, I can help you get through this difficult time. The negative or harmful impact of divorce, especially on children, can be mitigated through a collaborative, thoughtful approach.