Clergy and Wedding Professionals

Partners in Marriage Preparation – for the Clergy

There is no doubt that couples planning to get married feel like their love will conquer all and that they are destined to ride off into the sunset together. Clergy, and those of us who have been married for a while, know that it takes more than those loving feelings to cultivate a healthy, contented, lasting marriage. As an experienced relationship coach and marriage therapist, I provide a researched backed, compelling marriage preparation program that helps couples start their marriage with a strong foundation.

Marriage preparation is essential and yet sometimes it is difficult to provide. As a clergy person you may feel that ideally you could work with couples on developing the self insight,  communication skills, financial awareness, and other essential skills that cultivate marital success and yet you do not have the time or perhaps the expertise. I can partner with you to provide these couples that you care about the solid foundation you want for them.

Wedding Ceremony

As the wife of a pulpit clergyman, I have unique insight into how the marriage preparation work can provide some meaningful material to call upon when personalizing the wedding ceremony. With the appropriate confidentiality releases, I can provide you with useful bullet points and a few stories that you will be able to use to enhance the wedding ceremony.

Couples who are committed to their marriages in a deep, meaning-centered way also often are more committed members of their spiritual communities. Couples who go through my marriage prep course may prove to be more active, contributing members of your flock!

Partners in Planning – for Wedding Professionals

You’ve seen a lot of brides and grooms in your work. You want the best for them on their wedding day and beyond. You also know that marriage takes more work than planning the wedding! Encourage your clients to start their marital future with a strong foundation through my program The Divorce Vaccine™ today.

I work with couples during their engagement and while they are planning the wedding. Our sessions ground them in their relationship and give them space to process any differences. It’s essential stuff for their future and it also really helps the wedding planning process.

Wedding Connection