Benefits of Pre-Marital Coaching

Benefits of Marriage Preparation

The benefits of participating in a marriage preparation program, pre-marital coaching or pre-marital counseling, are many. Studies have shown that couples who have participated in such programs as the one I developed – The Divorce Vaccine™ have a greater likelihood of staying married and of rating the quality of their relationship as high. Prepared for Marriage

What can you look forward to when you participate in my marriage preparation program?

You will really learn about and practice key communication and conflict resolution skills. This is not just common sense – and these two areas are key problem areas identified by couples who divorce.

The personalized assessment tools I will use with you will help you identify strengths as well as growth areas for your relationship.

As individuals you will gain greater self-understanding and insight, which will significantly impact you as a partner in the marriage.

Long Term Marriage

As a couple you will know that you have set aside the dedicated time and energy that you marriage deserves while you are planning your wedding. You will have time to slow down and take time to focus on each other and your future.

You will know that you are showing the marriage the attention and priority it deserves and will not let the marriage get lost in the wedding planning.

You will be given personally selected resource tools. Information is overly available nowadays and it helps to have an experienced person weed through it and direct you to what can actually be useful for you.
You will start your marriage with a strong foundation and you will have greater access to resources when you may need them in the future.