Benefits of a Healthy Marriage

We might think happiness, belonging, and family are the benefits of a healthy marriage. A successful marriage is good for your heart in more than one way.

Couples in a healthy marriage live longer, have lower risk of death from heart attacks, have a lower incidence of chronic illness, have strongeLove Foreverr immune systems, and numerous financial benefits. Studies have even shown that open wounds on the body are fought more aggressively by the body’s immune system and healed more quickly in healthy marriages.

The children of these marriages also live longer and have better physical health as children and as adults. A divorce can negatively affect the academic, social, and psychological well being of the children. It can also lead to a greater incidence of risky behavior such as unprotected sex and substance abuse by the kids. (Sometimes divorce is the best answer. Following the guidance of the Collaborative Divorce process can greatly mitigate the negative impact on the children and the couple. Coaching at these times can help everyone.)

For extensive detail you may wish to review: “Something Important is Going on Here! Making Connections Between Marriage, Relationship Quality, and Health” a study by Jana Staton, Ph.D., and Theodora Ooms, MSW. It is published by the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

The government sites close to 1000 legal benefits to being married. Wow!

Just what is a health marriage? Studies show that healthy marriages reflect effective communication and conflict resolution, commitment, and emotional support and companionship. My program The Divorce Vaccine™ will keep you on the path to a healthy successful marriage.