Laura Kosak, MA, LMFT

Professional Education and Experiences

Laura maintains a Marriage and Family Therapist license in Oregon (LMFT). She earned an MA in Clinical Psychology from Alliant University in California and completed extensive post graduate studies in family systems theory with Walden University.

During her graduate training, Laura spent two years serving at a day treatment program for severely mentally ill adults. There she really learned the importance to each and every human of having a purpose, a role in the world, a place to belong. Her graduate school internship was at a family community clinic serving an underprivileged population, where she worked in English and in Spanish with children, families, couples, and individual adults.  

After completing her studies, Laura spent one year serving as a bilingual therapist in a K through 8th inner city school in Cleveland, OH. Passing through the metal detector to get to her office daily, she was in awe of the dedication of the teachers and the resilience of the children despite their most difficult circumstances. 

After moving to Portland, Laura first worked for two years as a bilingual therapist in a local high school. She worked with the high school students directly as well as their families. Laura has a particular soft spot in her heart for teenagers and loves their passion, unfiltered questioning, creative minds, diverse personalities, and their moment in life that is at once filled with angst and brimming with potential.

Laura KosakAfter “graduating” from high school a second time, Laura worked for over two years at a very large group practice in the Portland area. There she worked with children and adults facing a wide range of personal challenges including trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, addiction, eating disorders, divorce, empty nest, grief, PTSD, OCD, marital conflict, life transitions, psychosis, ASD, gender questioning, suicide in the family, and Biplor disorder.

Laura views some of our biggest challenges as coming from the battles within, when we don’t fully understand ourselves and our motivations and sometimes act in opposition to what we believe we want. She uses an approach informed by Internal Family Systems (IFS) to illuminate the distress and stuckness her clients face. She is also trained in EMDR and uses the approach to help decrease the emotional intensity of challenging memories or beliefs so her clients can intentionally choose their path rather than react unpredictably or just go through the motions on autopilot. Her extensive training in attachment and systems theories XX. 

She opened her private practice in 2021. Through “Know Thyself Counseling” Laura is delighted to support and empower amazing women on their journeys of self (re)discovery and healing.

Laura lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of over twenty years, and their two amazing sons. She loves spending time with her family, walking in the woods, tossing around the football, playing board games, reading, or enjoying a fabulous meal together.

Laura Kosak