Laura Kosak, MA, LMFT

Laura’s diverse and interesting personal and professional journey has led her to this point. As a mental health professional and Marriage and Family Therapist, Laura has helped children, individuals, couples, and families find greater connection and live more purposeful, contented lives.

As a teacher and education director Laura has guided groups of children as well as adults toward meaningful interaction leading to greater personal and academic growth. She has taught parenting courses, guiding new and seasoned parents toward fuller relationships with their children.

Laura Kosak
As a Human Resources Manager in large and small firms she has helped teams work together more efficiently and with greater satisfaction. She has been dedicated to enhancing the relationships between managers and employees as well as those among co-workers in numerous settings. Laura has developed systems for greater communication and has delivered multiple training sessions on issues that impact relationships in the workplace.

As a Youth and Family Therapist in a large high school, Laura works directly with students and their families around a variety of emotional and behavioral concerns. She loves working with teenagers and enjoys their energy and curiosity.

Laura maintains a Marriage and Family Therapist license from the state of Oregon.  She earned an MA in Clinical Psychology from Alliant University with extensive post graduate training in family systems theory. Laura’s major graduate research was in the specialty of marriage preparation. She lived in Madrid, Spain for two years and is fluent in Spanish.  She is engaged in ongoing training and development as a therapist and as a professional life coach.

Laura lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of twenty years, and their two amazing sons. She loves spending time with her family, walking in the woods, tossing around the football, playing board games, reading, or enjoying a fabulous meal together.

Laura’s Words

To be human is to be in relationship with others. Our deepest human need is to matter, to belong. We could say that our humanity finds its expression in the social sphere. Our relationships are the source of our highest joy and our deepest pain. My mission in life is to help bring more meaningful connection, greater kindness and abundant love into the world, one relationship at a time.

Family Love
My graduate studies in clinical psychology and family systems were focused on relationships and have provided me with tremendous insight. I am grounded in a depth-oriented approach to the human experience and I rely on my graduate training, in particular attachment theory, mindfulness, and neuroscience, to inform my own life and my approach with clients.

I have been dedicated to helping people find greater and more meaningful connection with others in the workplace, the school environment, and the home for two decades.  I am excited to connect with you and learn how I might help you on your journey.